VOSA Targeted Risk Based Enforcement Policy 'Traffic Light System'

June 2011 saw VOSA introduce their current targeted risk based enforcement of Vehicle Testing Stations (VTSs) prior to which they advertised, for information and guidance, two publications: 1) Site Assessment Risk Scoring Guide and 2) A Guide to MOT Risk Reduction. Both documents are available for download by clicking on the title or by using the links at the bottom of the page. Since then VOSA have visited every VTS nationwide and conducted the first risk assessment using the current criteria. VOSA would have left a copy of their Site Assessment Report confirming the risk scale (RS) score, indicated by ticks or crosses within the respective boxes. This will highlight where improvement is required to reduce your risk score when VOSA make a return visit. The risk assessment score determines placement in the red, amber or green segment.

Placement in the red is an indication that unless there is a vast improvement in the administration and operation of the MOT testing scheme, and avoidance of VOSA disciplinary procedures, the VTS is not long for the world of MOT testing. Amber is a little better and is a warning to the VTS to improve and to watch their step. Green is where a VTS should aim to be, for VOSA will not be visiting the VTS as often as they will be visiting those in red and amber. The more VOSA make one of their unexpected targeted mystery shopper exercises, targeted site visits and their return targeted risk based enforcement site assessment visits, the more opportunities they will have of issuing disciplinary points which could result in formal disciplinary action and the enforced closure of the VTS.

VOSA are now in the process of re-visiting VTSs, so red and ambers beware. Those in the green should not rest on their laurels, for VOSA may just decide to pay a visit to determine whether previous standards have dropped or are being maintained at the previous level or improved.

Please contact us for advice and assistance to help you escape from the red and amber segments and into the relative safety of the green segment, or to improve your risk score in the green.