VOSA Mystery Shopper Exercises

Mystery shopper exercises may involve a VOSA Vehicle Examiner (VE) purporting to be a member of the public and presenting a vehicle for test, which they will observe to ascertain whether the Nominated Tester (NT) is following correct testing procedures. Any incorrect or missed procedures will incur disciplinary points. Alternatively, the vehicle will be presented with 5 induced defects e.g. seats and seat belts insecure, wheel studs missing, lights not working and incorrect rotation of tyres etc etc. Such defects, if missed by the NT, are worthy of 20 disciplinary points for each defect.

None of the aforementioned defects relate to damaged testable items. However, VOSA now appear to be presenting vehicles with an induced defect relating to damaged components, which if missed by the NT will attract 30 disciplinary points.

An NT has only to accumulate 50 disciplinary points to be ceased from testing for 28 days. On exceeding 100 disciplinary points an NT can be ceased from testing for 2 years.

A VE may also visit the VTS to re-examine a vehicle that has recently been tested, to ascertain whether the NT has made the correct decision to pass or fail the vehicle. Any incorrect decision will attract disciplinary points.