What we do ...

We are the MOT experts specialising in the legal and technical representation of AEs and NTs facing DVSA formal disciplinary procedures, e.g:

  • Disciplinary action instigated under the provisions of the current edition of The MOT Testing Guide
  • Cessation of an AEs MOT authorisation to carry out statutory vehicle testing
  • Cessation of an NTs MOT approval to test motor vehicles
  • Refusal to grant an application by an AE to change the business entity of his authorisation, e.g. Sole Trader to a Partnership and/or to change the layout of the VTS and MOT testing bay.

  • We also represent AEs and NTs in their appeals to the Secretary of State for Transport against DVSA’s decision to cease their MOT authorisation to examine motor vehicles and approval to test them. If you want the best chance of successfully defending any DVSA disciplinary action then please have no hesitation in contacting us.

    Upon consideration of DVSA allegations and documentation we will obtain full instructions from the AE and NT and, when necessary, interview and obtain statements from witnesses. Well argued and presented representations will be prepared in draft for consideration and approval by the AE and NT before being formally served on DVSA on their behalf.

    We attend DVSA Appeals and Inverted Appeals when vehicles issued with Test Certificates (VT20) or a Refusal of a Test Certificate (VT30) are re-examined by DVSA. AEs and NTs are provided with on-the-spot support and legal advice during the appeal re-examination process and during formal interviews conducted under caution. When appropriate, verbal representations are made to DVSA on behalf of the AE and NT. Please be assured that we will do all that we can to bring DVSA disciplinary procedures to a satisfactory conclusion.

    We strongly believe that prevention is better then cure. Therefore our annual membership scheme is designed to ensure that AEs and NTs do not, in the first instant, fall foul of DVSA disciplinary procedures. Regular MOT Update Bulletins, Newsletters, Checklists and contact/visits help keep DVSA disciplinary procedures and their allocation of disciplinary points at bay. Advice and support is provided on all aspects of MOT testing and scheme administration.

    Guidance and training is also provided to help ensure that AE's are placed in the green segment of the DVSA 'Traffic Light' Targeted Risk Based Enforcement Site Assessment Policy. Please click on the news item below for further details.

    Assistance is also provided for a prospective AE to apply for MOT authorisation at a 'New Build' Vehicle Testing Station (VTS) or when taking over the operation of an existing VTS.