About the MOT Consultancy Ltd

We are an independent MOT Consultancy specialising in the legal and technical defence of AEs and NTs who have fallen foul of DVSA disciplinary procedures to the extent that their MOT authorisation and approval to test motor vehicles, on behalf of the Secretary of State for Transport, is in serious danger of being ceased.

For over a decade our principal consultant, Terry Sommers, has successfully represented over 3,000 AEs and NTs facing DVSA contemplated disciplinary procedures and the cessation of their MOT authorisation to examine motor vehicles and approval to test them. After working in private practice for over 30 years, specialising in criminal and road traffic law in conjunction with local authority and trading standards regulations, Terry has a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of all aspects of statutory law and regulations relating to all aspects of the MOT testing scheme.

With his thorough understanding of DVSA disciplinary procedures incorporated within the current edition of the MOT Testing Guide and standing within the MOT industry, Terry is retained as case consultant to advise solicitors, barristers and trade associations endeavouring to deal with DVSA contemplated disciplinary procedures and the process of appeal to the Secretary of State for Transport against cessation of an AE's MOT authorisation to examine motor vehicles and an NT's approval to test them.

Terry also personally represents AEs and NTs at appeal hearings, convened before the Appeals Branch of DVSA, at venues nationwide. He is well respected and considered to be the leading independent MOT consultant in the United Kingdom.

Following a trial period, a DVSA unit now operates as the 'Case Review Team' from the DVSA HQ in Bristol. This is manned by experienced vehicle examiners and case officers, dealing with DVSA disciplinary cases previously handled by the local DVSA area offices. It is therefore extremely important to ensure that representation letters served on DVSA in response to a contemplated disciplinary letter, contain all the relevant information in defense and / or mitigation of the alleged MOT shortcomings, together with cited sections and appendices of the current editions of the MOT Testing Guide and the MOT Inspection Manuals. These are available by accessing the 'Useful Weblinks' below.